We're super excited you want to purchase a lesson from us! However, before you do, please make sure you answer the following questions:

  1. Have you had lessons with us before and know how the process works?

    • Yes? You rock, thanks for continuing on with us! Here's the link to pay for more lessons.​

    • No? Let's keep going ↓

  2. Have you scheduled your first lesson? 

    • No?

      • If you have already filled out a lesson request form, just hang tight until you and Halliea have agreed upon schedule.

      • If you haven't filled out a lesson request form right here.

    • Yes? Cool, and welcome to the GWIF Family, we're honored you picked us over all the other barns out there!

  3. Is your first lesson today or tomorrow?​

    • No? Don't pay for your lesson yet. Lessons have an expiration date and should be paid for the day before or day of your first lesson. We want to make sure your experience with us is as amazing as...well...as riding a horse. In this case, it pays to be a procrastinator.​

    • Yes? YAY, you get to ride soon!! Here's the link to pay for your lessons.

And for the record, we thought the picture above was funny, but never pull a horse's tail...that'll end badly for you and the horse.  Mostly you.