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What Shows Would You Like to Check Out?

Check out our calendar to see when #GWIFGOES and our #GWIFUN Sign-Up to join us!

Schooling Shows

Schooling shows are a great way to really have a barometer of how your riding has progressed.  We attend many schooling shows a year - most of them have a cross country option, but you can participate in a Combined Test or Dressage only test as well!  Schooling shows are held at different venues in Georgia and the surrounding states.  Riders are expected to get themselves to/from the show venue as well as procure hotel accommodations.  Nearly every schooling show will require an overnight stay at a hotel. If you participate in several you could be eligible for Year End Awards through GDCTA (Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association)!!!

Cost for Schooling Shows:


Horse Lease Fee (waived if you are currently in a lease):

  • Single Rider 1-Day Show (includes Friday night schooling ex. Poplar Place Farm): $200

  • Single Rider 2-Day Show (includes Friday night schooling ex. Stable View Equestrian): $300


Coaching Fee:

  • Coaching for 1-Day Show (includes Friday schooling): $150

  • Coaching for 2-Day Show (includes Friday schooling): $225

Horse Hauling Fee:

  • Fees vary depending on Venue, and can be found below.

  • Fees do not include the venue registration fees.

Daily Basic Care $60/day (if you cannot be present to do it):

  • Feeding

  • Watering

  • Haying

  • Medication Management/Administration (Legend, Adequan, Ulcer Guard, etc.)

  • Wrapping

  • Blanketing/Unblanketing

  • Hand Walking as needed


Night Check $15/night - after 10pm

  • For those who do not want to return to show grounds after 10 P.M.

  • We encourage friends working it out together

  • Top off hay

  • Top off water

  • Make sure wraps are still in place

  • Ensure your horse isn’t ill (colicking, etc.)

Other Horse Show Expenses (split between number of client horses present whether schooling or showing):

  • Lodging for all Staff (if staying on site, hookup + $50/LQ)

  • Meals for all Staff ($50/day per staff member)

  • Golf Cart Rentals (when applicable)

  • Feed Stall (for storage of feed)

  • Any additional necessary travel expenses required for staff


Recognized Shows

Recognized shows are for the established show veteran.  If you have been to many schooling shows and would like to compete at the National level, this is for you!  We go to several recognized Events and Dressage shows each year.  To be most successful at this level, we suggest partnering in a lease with one of our awesome horses!  Riders at this level are expected to get themselves prepared with little guidance, can memorize and perform their dressage test without help, and are capable of mastering a stadium and cross country course without practicing it beforehand.  As you compete at recognized events you are applicable for year end awards on the national level through USEA and USDF as well as USEF.

Cost for Recognized Shows:

  • Horse Lease Fee: $200 (must have prior permission)

  • Coaching: $250 for the weekend

  • Hauling: Fees vary depending on Venue, and can be seen below.

  • Fees do not include the venue registration fees.

Riders must receive trainer approval to attend schooling shows.


Barn Shows

Barn Shows are the best way to get a taste of competition and to put your riding skills to the test!  The best thing about riding in the barn shows is that it is super low key and welcoming to all levels of riders!  You do not need formal attire and we provide everything you need at one of our campuses!  

Cost for Barn Shows:

  • Office Fee - $10

  • Horse Lease Fee - $75 (waived if you are a current lessor)

  • Coaching Fee - $65

  • Class Fees - $50 Combined Test, $30 Dressage Test, $20 extra jump rounds

Check our out calendar for our next barn show! 

We hold dressage, jumper, combined training, and gymkhana-style shows throughout the year.  Sign-ups and pricing announced via our Newsletter and social media.


Our Favorite Venues

While we love our barns more than anything, we definitely have some other favorites too. Additionally, we offer hauling to our clients and occasionally an outside horse/rider (prices shown in parentheses below).

Contact Halliea at for prices of other locations. All rates are round trip and based on a full trailer.

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