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Check out our calendar for the latest Pony Club events and our #GWIFUN Sign-Up to join us!

Learn About Pony Club

Pony Club is the largest equestrian educational organization in the world.  This is where it all begins! The cornerstones of our foundation are education, safety, sportsmanship, stewardship and FUN. Members learn riding and the care of horses through mounted sports. The skills, habits and values instilled through horsemanship will apply to every part of a member’s life. All levels of membership in The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. develop character, leadership, confidence, and a sense of community.  

Joining USPC allows you to forge your path with horses based upon your lifestyle, needs, and level involvement. Members are taught a solid foundation of correct riding, based on timeless classical principles. Members learn good balance and clear communication, and develop into thinking, effective riders, always keeping the horse’s best interest at heart. Good horsemanship extends far beyond skills in the saddle. Pony Club members gain an impressive depth of knowledge in equine behavior and training, health and fitness, nutrition and veterinary care, and learn the correct uses and maintenance of equipment.

It's For All Ages!

Pony Club is for horse-crazy kids like you who want to hang out with friends, learn to ride, and have a great time. Meet up with other members like yourself, and spend time learning about horses and ponies, their care, and health. You don’t have to own a horse or pony to participate, just have a love of them. Whether you’re just starting, like to compete, or just hang out at the barn, Pony Club can start you on the path to a life with horses.

Pony Club attracts members who want to be fully immersed in horse care, management, and horse sports. Discover the fun, friendship, and power of working together that comes with Pony Club membership. Participants learn through engaging in educational opportunities offered through their clubs and centers and have opportunities regionally and nationally.  Pony Club is a gateway to the big time. For some members that’s a chance to ride a fancier horse, for others it’s getting to take a lesson with an Olympian, still others use it as a path to even bigger goals and dreams both in the saddle and in life.


For the older member, Pony Club is a chance to prepare for the future. Pony Club builds character through teaching responsibility, organization, leadership, teamwork, and service excellence. Taking the horse care and riding skills they have learned, and the life skill experience that marks the upper level Certification holder, older members are able to move on to many endeavors within and outside of the horse world. Pony Club graduates go on to become the nation’s top equestrians (including current and past Olympic Team members) business professionals, government leaders, and military officers.


Adults are able to participate and enjoy all that Pony Club has to offer.  If you did not have a chance to participate in Pony Club as a youth, or would like to continue your Pony Club involvement through participating membership, here is your chance to experience the learning, comradery, and memories the organization offers.  Adult members are a fully integrated part of all clubs and centers. There is access to mounted and unmounted meetings, certifications, and education for all levels of experience. 

Regular Meetings at Huntcliff & Certifications!


In Pony Club you will attend mounted and unmounted meetings where you will learn how to safely and confidently work around horses and in the barn and how to ride well. Everyone begins Pony Club at the same level. As members learn and develop at their own pace, they have the opportunity to progress through the Pony Club Certification system. Certifications are how members show their progress through levels of riding and horse knowledge. Certifications go from grassroots skills at the D-level, all the way up the most advanced A-level.  Each level earned requires an increasing depth of knowledge and skills. The highest certification, the “A”, distinguishes the member as an accomplished, professional horseman.

Pony Club Rallies & Other Opportunities!

All Pony Club competitions are team competitions called Rallies. Team competition is a fun and important part of Pony Club education and training, and is a strong bonding element. Rallies include; Horseless Rallies (where members use model horses to learn the ropes of team competition), Quiz Rallies (where members use their horse management knowledge to compete in a battle of the brains), and riding Rallies for all ages. Members over the age of 10 can compete in regional Rallies in many disciplines to qualify for Championships competition. For members who wish to commemorate just how far they have come, there is also a badge program available where members earn patches to place on saddle pads, jackets, ribbons, and vests to show their Pony Club progress.

Opportunities to partake in International Exchanges begin at the age of 13. Exchanges include traveling abroad to train and compete in Mounted Games, Quiz, Eventing, and Show Jumping.  High School credit similar to a varsity letter program can be obtained for being a member of a club or center and participating in many Pony Club activities. College scholarships facilitate members becoming outstanding in any field of expertise. For individuals wanting to continue their equine endeavors while traveling, there is the Visiting Instruction Program and the opportunity to go on International Exchanges.


In other words, Pony Club has lots to offer!  We really hope you will join us!


Still have questions?  Contact Meg Bowers at or talk to your instructor.  


Join GWIF Pony Club

Ready to Join Pony Club at Go With It Farm?


  1. You must be involved in the lesson program at Go With It Farm.

  2. Have your parents or guardian fill out the United States Pony Club Membership application.

  3. Return it to Go With Farm with 2 checks (one made out to USPC in the amount of $155, and one made out to Go With It Farm in the amount of $150)

  4. Find a copy of “The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship: Basics for Beginners / D Level”.  It’s available on Amazon for around $9.

  5. Get ready to have some fun!


Pony Club Resources

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