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Request a lesson

Please note this is only a request and not a confirmation.

It’s important to understand that it may take us a week (or possibly more) to follow-up with you. During this time our staff will meet as a team to find you the best possible trainer that will help you meet your riding goals. We take finding the right fit for you very important and don’t rush the process. We don’t just slide you into the first available spot. We don’t do what’s best for us, we do what’s best for you. We should have you on a horse within three weeks of you first contacting us (hopefully sooner). That said, once you have a weekly time scheduled, you're good to go! Your patience will be're going to love it!!!

GWIF Lesson Program


GWIF’s horseback riding lessons are tailored to the growing rider. If you are tired of hearing the same, repetitive instructions or worse yet NO instructions, and you are yearning for more in depth knowledge, we are the place for you!

We also LOVE beginners, whom we enjoy teaching the correct basics from the start. We teach all age ranges, starting at 3 years old and going up, with special options for those 5 and under – (we currently have so many great riders in this age group we are currently not accepting new Pony Pal riders). We also have a large adult amateur group in our barn family; EVERYONE is welcome in our lesson program!

Lessons range from learning to steer and basic horsemanship, to jumping courses, to mastering your dressage test. There is no screaming or berating! A positive atmosphere that encourages growth and exploration at your own pace.

Lessons are given in private, semi-private, or small groups, depending on the skill level and needs of each rider. Private and semi-private lessons are 30 minutes while groups are 45 minutes to 1 hour. Riders are expected to catch, groom, and tack up their horse before their lesson begins, so we recommend arriving 15-20 minutes before your scheduled lesson time. If riders are not yet ready to perform those tasks on their own, we will assist them in learning those tasks as part of their lesson.


Lessons are offered individually, or you may purchase in packages for a discount. We reserve the best time slots and best pricing for our Committed Riders. Committed Riders enjoy confirmed time slots, priority horse assignments, opportunities to compete off the farm and much more! Talk to your trainer to find out how to become a Committed Rider!

Lesson Program


25% off of an 8 lesson pack

   • Life is better on a horse. We know it's your turn to find out for yourself!

   • All lessons must be used within 9 weeks of purchase. (Here's an insider's tip, don't buy the package until the day         of your first lesson, that way you have the full 9 weeks to use all of the lessons. If anyone asks, tell them Halliea         said it's ok...don't worry, I'm the owner).

   • The owner of the barn, or the instructor assigned to your lessons, will provide you with the link to purchase                    lessons when it's time. Use the coupon code 8PACKWKDYNEW25 for weekday lessons.


Single Lesson $95
  • Package of 8 Lessons¹ – $684 (10% off)

Committed Rider Program²

  • Committed Rider 1x/week: $323/month (20% off)
  • Committed Rider 2x/week: $532/month (30% off)

(1) All lessons packages must be purchased in advance of the first lesson to receive the prorated price. Lessons not purchased in advance will be be billed at the single lesson rate. Lesson 8 packs expire 9 weeks after the date of purchase.

(2) The Committed Rider Program is for customer that have signed our lesson commitment and pay in advance of the first of each month. All lessons to be used within 30-days of payment and in accordance with the signed Committed Rider Agreement. Cancellation requires 30 day notice, an administrative fee of 50% of  applies to turn off/turn on Committed Rider.


PLEASE NOTE: Committed Rider lessons will only be offered during the weekdays.  If you are currently on a 2x/week Committed Rider who rides once on the weekend, and you elect not to reschedule your second lesson, you can choose to move to 1x/week Committed Rider in conjunction with the weekend package of lessons.


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