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Meet Our Stars

At GWIF, the horses are the real MVPs.  We love our horses and their endless patience and knowledge they give us.  Our lesson horses come to us from all walks of life - some are Halliea’s and Sidnee’s previous competition horses, some are kill pen rescues, some are retired Grand Prix Jumpers or Upper Level Eventers, some were deemed throw-aways or “unmanageable” by others. We even have one horse who was previously owned by the Queen of England (you have to ride her with your pinky out while holding her reigns).  Each has their own special gift to give - some are patient walk/trot teachers, some teach you how to ride fence defensively, some teach you how to use your leg, some teach you how to use your weight aids, the list is endless.  With our star string of lesson horses, you can be sure you will have a great partner to learn just what you need.

Meet or Stars (the Horses)
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