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Halliea Milner began riding as a tween in 1994 – and from day one she was hooked. To get to one of her very first riding lessons, she rode her bike 4 miles through Woodstock in the August heat so that she wouldn’t miss her chance to ride. She arrived there only to find lessons had been cancelled due to the extreme heat! (maybe that’s why her parents wouldn’t take her that day? 😉) And that never phased her in the least – she was ready for the next opportunity to ride!!

Halliea started in hunters as a kid, but always dreamed of being an eventer. The adventure of the open riding was something she couldn’t resist. Before she began eventing as an adult, she dedicated a year to flat work only, where she was able to learn, along with her favorite horse, Classy, the basics of dressage. Once she felt she could get around the sand box, she delved into the eventing world, with her hunter/dressage coach, dear friend and mentor Chris Elliott in tow.

Besides eventing, Halliea enjoys the challenge of tricky horses, and as such has become a go-to person of sorts for people that need solutions for horses that are misbehaving. She finds that horses are almost never inherently mean spirited – usually they are just trying to tell us something. If we listen close enough, we can hear them tell us what’s going on. And if we are ambitious enough to attempt to address the issue, usually an amazing partner can be found hiding within.

When it comes to education, Halliea considers herself to be a life long student of the sport. She has trained with a myriad of world-renowned professionals and Olympians – George Morris, Conrad Schomaker, Jimmy Wofford are just a small sampling. She currently works regularly with Doug Payne, Phillip Dutton and Werner & Marjolein Geven. She credits Tawn Edwards, her dear friend and mentor, as a her true guide to the eventing world – Tawn has not only been an incredible friend to have, but she has also helped open doors for Halliea, as well as shape Halliea’s vision of what eventing truly means

If you would like to speak with Halliea, she can be reached at 404-538-5113.

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