Training is offered to current boarders on a “per ride” basis as well as to others in 30-day increments. Training is geared towards your goals in riding, whether that is to develop a quiet, easy going trail mount or a competitive hunter or eventer. Halliea is fabulous at problem solving and working with difficult, hot, and hard to handle horses.

Our approach is proven to produce safe, sane, competitive horses. Many of our lesson horses were started and trained by Halliea. Staying away from gadgets and using a no-nonsense approach, we are confident that we can improve your horse’s understanding and education.

Starting Horses – $1500/month includes full board

Horses are taught ground manners, how to lunge, drive and are started under saddle. Horses will learn to stand for bathing, farrier, clipping, mane pulling, etc. and are often taken out for handling several times per day for short time periods to avoid overwhelming them.

Regular Full Training – $1300/month includes full board

Horses will be worked towards owner’s goals. All horses are taught dressage basics. Those in jump training will learn to jump correctly and will be brought slowly through gymnastics and other exercises. Hacking in the field over terrain and on trails is included in their exposure.

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