Horse show coaching is available to regular clients and to clients that meet us at the show. Coaching rates may vary depending on minimum number of students attending, but generally is available as following:

• Coaching for 1-Day 3-Phase (includes Friday schooling): $115
• Coaching for Recognized 3-Phase (1, 2, or 3-Day): $100

We also allow our regular students that aren’t lessors or don’t own their own horses to lease our horses for the day at horse shows. These fees vary depending on the length of the show and other factors. (A one day schooling show is less than a 3-day event).

• 1-Day CT or 3-Phase Horse Lease(includes Friday schooling): $85/$115 for pony club weekend
• 1-Day CT or 3-Phase Shared Horse* (2 people, splits hauling): $60 (XC), $50 (CT)
• Recognized Event Horse Lease (price for non-lessors only): $200
* Riders MUST CONSULT with Halliea prior to sharing horses!

Hauling rates for shows and events are as follows:

Wills Park Equestrian Center – $100
Georgia International Horse Park – $150
Ashland Farm – $150
Poplar Place Farm – $225
Chattahoochee Hills – $225
• Pine Top Farm Equestrian Center, Full Gallop Farm, Paradise Farm, The Vista, Stable View – $275

You can sign up for schooling shows or recognized shows.
*You will need permission from Halliea first before signing up for any show.

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