Do you love to ride and want to be in the saddle more? Are you hesitant to buy your own horse because of the financial and time commitments? We have the perfect solution – LEASING!

GWIF has a great selection of horses available, for all experience levels! We’ve also got horses for lease at our Canton Campus!

Our Intro Lease is designed for the rider that is craving more than weekly lessons, but not quite
sure about the investment… time or money. We’ve developed a lease that may just suit your needs! Our Intro Lease is just that – an introduction to leasing. We’re making it less of a commitment of time and finances, so you can dabble your feet into this whole horse-leasing business without the stress

Our Half Lease program is great for those who have already completed an Intro Lease, or are currently taking lessons and have a desire to work with a specific horse more frequently. This is perfect for those wanting to participate in shows and other off-farm events, as they are guaranteed first dibs on their horse and there is no horse charge to participate.

Our Full Lease opportunity is given to those who have successfully participated in our lesson program, a half lease, and are looking to have a larger commitment and exclusive rights to a horse. Students that wish to full lease are actively showing clients that wish to continue competing extensively. We require all students to successfully complete a full lease before we will allow them to purchase their own horse.

Intro Lease

• One weekly lesson
• Two practice rides per week
(horse variable)
• First dibs on limited horses
for horse shows and away trips
• Intro lease available to each client ONCE – no exceptions
• 3-month duration: $495/month
• 6-month duration: $475/month

Half Lease

• Two weekly lessons
• Two practice rides per week
(on leased horse)
• First dibs on leased horse
for horse shows and away trips
• A great introduction to horse
ownership without the cost
• Must pay down payment of $500-5,000/6 months
• Cost: $720/month + farrier

Full Lease

• Two weekly lessons
• Unlimited practice rides
(on leased horse)
• Perfect for those who want
exclusive rights to a horse
• Responsible for emergency care when off-site with horse
• Must pay down payment starting at at $2,500/6 months
• Cost: $1,120/month + vet/farrier

All leases paid in full up front are eligible for a 5% discount!


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