At GWIF, we have tons of wonderful lesson horses that you will love! No matter what level you ride at – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – we have a horse that can help you achieve your goals.

From our rock-steady beginner mounts who will “babysit” their riders, to our advanced horses that will push you to be your best, ALL of our horses are safe and sane. πŸ˜€

All of our lesson horses are available for intro, half- or full-lease! Contact Halliea or click here for more information!



Savannah is worth her weight in gold. This sweet mare is as honest as they come, rock-steady, and loves helping teach our beginners how to ride. Savannah will take care of her rider, and will help as much as she can if she feels her rider start to lose their balance.

Savannah is ideal for beginners of all ages, and great for experienced riders who may be dealing with anxiety issues.


OMG He’s Totes Adorbs (Kirby)

Kirby is a favorite at GWIF! He is a total teddy bear that loves to cuddle and has a super sweet personality. Kirby will happily carry a beginner around the ring safely, and is also a lot of fun over fences for the more advanced riders.

Kirby is a great mount for our beginner through intermediate riders, and can easily jump a medium-sized course.



Good things do come in small packages! Madeline is one fancy little pony! She is extremely careful with our smaller riders, which makes her the perfect mount for our young beginners.

Madeline also excels in the show ring, and her experience there helps our new riders shine as bright as can be!




Giblet is a sweet Arabian gelding who has a dreamy, rocking-horse canter! He is gentle, patient, and kind, and has quickly become a favorite at GWIF.

Samantha and Giblet jumping an oxerGiblet is a big part of both our lesson program and our fun horse camp sessions as he helps the beginners learn their way around!


Fiddle Dee Dee (Scarlett)

Fiddle Dee Dee (Scarlett)

Scarlett is cute, Cute, CUTE!! Super sweet attitude and demeanor, she is safe for smaller, younger and less experienced riders. Easiest trot in the world, hands down. She is perfect to learn that walk/trot and posting on.

Scarlett is light and easy to ride, and very tolerant. Large enough for a smallish (5’4″ and under) adult and all children.



Tag-A-Long (Scout)

Scout is an adorable pony with a “can do” attitude and wants to please his rider. He’s fancy and flashy, and currently eventing at the Beginner Novice level. Scout will go in a frame, has a great canter, and is very easy over small fences, but can easily jump higher with a more experienced rider!

Scout is good for walk/trot beginners, but is suitable for riders of all levels over fences.


Jake From State Farm (Jake)

Jake loves to give kisses! Halliea originally started his training several years ago, and Jake has recently rejoined the GWIF team as a part of our lesson program. He’s honest and willing and is adorable over fences.

Jake is steady enough for walk trot lessons, and is calm, quiet and rideable in new situations. Not spooky at all!


Lady Bug

Lady Bug is absolutely adorable and has a sweet personality to match!

She’s very simple to ride, and interprets her rider’s commands exactly as they are given which makes her great for our beginners to learn on.



Ellie is a lovely mover with elegant gaits and a knack for bringing out the best in her riders. She has a smooth, rocking canter that will leave you smiling.

She’s suitable for our intermediate and advanced students, and will become quite fancy with a soft hand and supportive leg!



Gus is big, bold, and elegant. He’s been there and done that, and is the perfect mount to help teach you the finer points of riding!


Bang Bang

What’s cuter than an adorable pony? An adorable MINI pony! Meet Bang Bang – our resident teddy bear, er, mini pony who just loves to cuddle! Bang Bang is a great little steed for our youngest riders and will happily carry them safely around the arena as he teaches them the basics of riding.

For our older riders, Bang Bang is a great horse to snuggle and spoil with lots of treats.



Pilgrim is one of the newest additions to Go With It Farm, but he’s already proving to be a big part of our lesson program! Pilgrim is a wonderful small pony who really enjoys taking care of his rider.

Younger riders and beginners will particularly enjoy Pilgrim’s friendly attitude and great work ethic in the arena. He is careful with his passengers and is a lot of fun to ride!


What The Frank (Frank)

Frank’s a big boy with big ears and an even bigger heart. He is a registered American Paint Horse (APHA) and his easy, flowing gaits allow him to carefully carry riders of all levels around the arena.

Don’t be fooled by his size! Despite being 17 hands tall, Frank is a gentle giant and loves attention from our younger riders!



Onyx is pretty fancy – he’s a Trakehner (warmblood) cross who knows the ropes. He came to GWIF in March of 2015 to be a part of our awesome lesson program and even participated in a barn show the very first day he was here!

This 15.1 hand gelding is as sweet as they come, loves hugs, and especially loves to try his hardest to please his riders.


Gator’s a big boy, but also a big sweetie. He’s a palomino American Quarter Horse with a great can-do attitude who says “okay!” to pretty much everything.

More info about Gator coming soon!


More info about Valley coming soon!


She Calles Me Tater (Potato)

“Tater” is a Thoroughbred mare. Sane and quiet enough to be used in our lesson and IEA program, but responsive enough to be a good ride for those learning more advanced skills. She has a dreamy canter – one you could sit for days! Bold to fences, and easy to place – you can put her right where you want her.

Potato is best for our strong intermediate and advanced riders, as she is very responsive.

Cornerhouse (House)

Cornerhouse (House)

House is a huge 17.1 hand Irish Thoroughbred, but don’t let his size fool you – this boy is as sweet as can be! He’s beautiful on the flat and one heck of a talented jumper. House has tons of scope and a huge, ground covering stride.

House is a great ride, but can be strong at times and needs a confident, calm rider. He is best for our advanced students only.


Sponge Bob

Okay, so Sponge Bob isn’t a horse, and he isn’t even for riding, but he is CUTE and that means he deserves some time in the spotlight on here!

Sponge Bob is our resident mini donkey and GWIF mascot. He loves cuddles, treats, and helping our young riders catch their ponies in the pasture.

If you are looking to buy a great horse, or just want to lease one to enjoy, check out the wonderful horses for sale and lease at Go With It Farm!

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