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By Halliea Milner We’ve all heard it, time and time again, “More leg. No. MORE leg. No, MORE THAN THAT!” It can often be hard to decide what exactly that means. A rider’s leg is one of the most useful and mythical things of all time. Most riders go-to is   Read More ...

Behavior in animals is very linked to their dietary intake. Here at Go With It Farm, Halliea has spent countless hours researching and learning about dietary needs of our equine athletes. Before we had a riding school program, we only took horses in for training or resale – and typically   Read More ...

By Halliea Milner Often times, when I am training a horse I run across frustrating situations. My horse won’t bend left, I have a delay in the canter depart, he has decided to be a jerk in general that day. . . whatever.Β  I find myself really getting frustrated sometimes,   Read More ...

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