Halliea Milner - Our Head TrainerHalliea Milner has been in the equine world for 20 years, where she started in the Hunter world. As she became interested in more in-depth training, she explored the world of dressage. After dedicating nearly a year to pure flat work and learning the dressage basics, she couldn’t resist the urge to jump and obtain her lifelong goal… EVENTING!

Halliea believes that almost every horse and rider benefit from learning dressage basics on the flat and hunter basics over fences – then the sky is the limit to choose your path. Hunters? Equitation? Jumpers? Eventing? Dressage? All of them? Halliea believes that they aren’t so different… good training is just that, good training!

In this line of thinking, Halliea became a certified USHJA trainer in 2013. Halliea is also known for her soft heart when it comes to projects and rescues, and many of her horses for sale were at one point in either of those categories. Horses that aren’t perfect are many times named “unmanageable” or “untrainable” when so many times these horses are just misunderstood by people who grew up in the microwave generation and expect perfection immediately. These horses deserve a chance and Halliea truly believes that any horse can be trained – it is our job as riders and trainers to be smart enough to figure out how to do it! The riders that sign up to work these horses work their way right into Halliea’s heart.

Halliea has trained with many different trainers, all with different ways of getting to the same goal: a correctly trained horse. Currently Halliea is proud to be under the tutelage of Werner Geven of Team Geven. Some of the trainers that Halliea has had the privilege of working with are Chris Elliott, Paul McRae, Dale Mills, Hank Bloom, LeAnn Orr of DreamLand Farm, Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm, Amanda Persons, Mary Bess Sigman of Triple Creek Eventing, Amber Clark. Halliea has also taken clinics with several notable riders/trainers including Woody Dykers, Imti Anees, Anna Jane White-Mullin, Lisa Wilcox, Michael Page, and the incomparable George Morris.

Outside of the Horse World…

Outside of the horse world Halliea’s newest passion is her little girl, Sidnee. Born summer of ’08, Sidnee has been a joy all along and has already developed a deep passion for all animals, especially “ponies.” Halliea couldn’t be more thrilled! Sidnee has been learning to ride Classy all by her self since she turned 2 years old, and she got a pony (Scarlett) of her own for Christmas ’09 and then a mini donkey, Sponge Bob, for Christmas ’10. Halliea also assists her husband at his automotive repair facility, Milner Body Works, Inc., helping with day-to-day operations, customer service, and finances. When she isn’t training horses or giving lessons, of course! Halliea also owned and operated a tanning salon for 5 years in Canton before going completely into the horse industry in 2011. It is a very busy and rewarding life!

Halliea MilnerAs of June, 2010 Halliea has received an honorable discharge from the United States Army National Guard, where she spent 10 years in faithful service. During her time as a soldier, Halliea spent a year deployed in Kuwait, was activated for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, and was deployed to the Dominican Republic for Operation New Horizons, a peace keeping humanitarian effort. Her military experience only reinforces her drive and commitment for success, and it has given her the discipline and perseverance that it takes to effectively complete any task. Other interests and talents include sewing, embroidering, and cooking – especially sweets!