Makeup Lessons, Clinics and Fun Stuff!

Because of the storm, we will be offering make up lessons this month!

Kirby Dressage

Meg will be offering lessons THIS Friday 9/15 & Saturday 9/16. Sign up here .

Candee Niss will be back offering awesome clinics Friday 9/22 & 10/13. Sign up here.

We will also be attending a Hunter Pace Sat 9/30 (sign up here) and going XC schooling October 1st(sign up here)!!!


New Instructors!

Welcome our three new instructors!

Meg Bower

Meg Bower
Meg aspires to be a life long student and has had the opportunity to ride with some fabulous teachers including George Morris, Doug Payne, Sinead Halpin, Allison Springer, Dom Schramm, and Kim Walnes. Meg is an upbeat and encouraging instructor – she loves helping her students refine their skills both in the saddle and in the barn to become strong and effective equestrians. Meg is thrilled to be back in Georgia and re-join Go With It Farm as an instructor!

Jenna Jack

Jenna Jack
Jenna has over 10 years of horse experience. She has experience in hunter jumpers, breeding, off the track thoroughbreds, barn managing, and eventing. She has a ridden under the teaching and was a working student for an Olympic level eventing trainer and a Pan Am gold medalist dressage trainer. She has schooled through Pre-lim level in eventing and knows up to 3rd level in dressage. Jenna is super excited to join the GWIF team!

Ava Rosario

Ava Rosario
In 2013 she began riding with Willow South and was given her first taste of eventing where she met her trainer Halliea Milner.
In 2015 it came time to go to college so Ava started her first project pony “Chili” – Sold June of 2016. May of 2016 she became the onsite caretaker and assistant trainer at Inyazura Farms where she learned all that goes behind running a 50 horse Fox hunting facility as well as horse care, conditioning, barn maintenance and Fox Hunting itself.

Read more about our new instructors on our site!



We have some great news! Two of our students “took the plunge” and are half leasing their horsey besties! Our fantastic book keeper Leslie couldn’t resist Metro’s charm, and one of our favorite students Samantha just had to have more Giblet in her life.

We can’t wait to see where the next six months takes you both!

Samantha and Giblet

Leslie and Metro

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