Great savings on great GWIF services!

Happy Fourth of July! To celebrate, we’re offering a super-special sale with big discounts on your favorite GWIF services!

Sale dates July 1st-July 4th
LIMIT 2 per person, valid on Summer Horse Camp only. Use coupon code 17JULYFOURPROMO25 to purchase at https://gwif.pike13.com/

Sale dates July 1st-July 4th
LIMIT 2 per person. Use coupon code 17JULYFOURLESSONFREE to purchase at https://gwif.pike13.com/

Go to https://gwif.pike13.com/ to claim your special deals and get more time in the saddle today!


For Committed Riders

We’ve got a few policy changes to note!

Beginning September 1st, our Committed Rider program will have a face lift!

To keep things really clear, committed riders will now follow a few different rules:

1. Lessons: From now on, you will be purchasing 4 or 8 lessons to be used within that calendar month. Lessons still will not roll over, however, for months we are closed a week (July, December) you can take your make up earlier in the month. Any additional lessons will be billed at prorated rate.

2. Payment: Every Committed Rider must pay via credit card and keep a credit card on file.

3A. Cancellation: If you choose to suspend/cancel your Committed Rider program, there will be a $50 reinstatement fee to cover administrative costs should you choose to rejoin later. The program is designed for continuous use – hence the discount! 🙂 Joining the first time is always complimentary.
3B. Early Cancellation: If you choose to cancel your Committed Rider program without the required 30-day notice, there will be one-half month’s fees due. Cancellation must be given 30-days before the next charge to avoid that charge and/or the cancellation fee.

4. Agreement: You MUST have a current, signed Committed Rider agreement on file in https://gwif.pike13.com/ (previously Front Desk HQ).


Show More, Pay Less

With our new “Frequent Show Discount”

We are starting a great new program for those who want to get off the farm and GO SHOW!

For any GWIF rider who attends eight (8) or more shows (or regularly priced XC schooling off farm) during a period of six (6) months will receive HALF OFF hauling and coaching on all additional shows or schooling trips during that 6 months!

Please note that total combined discounts cannot exceed $200 and horse leasing fees will not be eligible for discounts.

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