Raegan and her younger sister began riding last Summer at camp, and though both girls were a delight to have around the farm, for Raegan it was love at first ride. She had officially been bit by the horsey bug! 

Since then Raegan has been dedicated to riding well and taking good care of her ponies each and every time she comes to the barn. I never have to tell Raegan to do a better job currying her pony. She knows how important it is for their health and she takes the job seriously! 

She is equally serious about her riding. Though she is just a tiny thing, she canters, jumps, and bends even the most stubborn of lesson ponies to her will. She’s even passed the true test of any horseperson: she has fallen off her pony and gotten back on, shaky knees and all. 

One of the most endearing qualities about Raegan is how much you can depend on her to help other students prepare their horses. Raegan knows how valuable teamwork is at this barn, and riders like her are the reason why everyone loves to ride here: she is welcoming, friendly, and sets a good example for the other kids both in and out of the saddle.

Congratulations, Raegan! You are our rider of the week! 


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