Written by Stephanie Coleman 
Some people just struggle with their 2 point position, some with the right contact with the horse’s mouth, some with their heels down, but this young man struggled with …tacking up his horse.  For years, he just refused to even touch the horse’s face, let alone bridle his mount! He would persuade everyone to do his dirty work, from putting a halter on to picking hooves….. But something magical happened this January 2017,  and the barn was in hysterics over this milestone:  Kaartik Balusu  bridled Lady Bug, not once, but two weeks in a row!!!!!!! 
Ladies and gentlemen, I present you one of the most deserving Riders of the Week, Kaartik!  I honestly never thought he would overcome his fear of horses and I’m so proud to say he proved me wrong!  I’m so happy he has finally passed this hurdle, so we can focus on his lifelong dream of being  a professional polo player!  Congratulations Kaartik!

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