Gemma is a model student; she’s respectful, friendly with the horses and kids, and always pays attention. However, I didn’t realize how great a rider Gemma was until we went through a rough patch. For a month or two, it seemed no matter which horse I put Gemma on, she had a major struggle. Often times I watched Gemma come off her pony or horse and thought to myself “Well, there goes a week’s worth of confidence!” But I was wrong.

Gemma always got back on, even if her knees were shaking, and she came to her lessons week after week. No doubt she felt the same frustration and worry I felt – after all, no one likes to fall off! Despite that, Gemma never gave up. She even spent her birthday with us, working on her skills in a jumping lesson with Savannah! And her courage and persistence is paying off. Not only is she cantering now, but she is cantering over jumps! Gemma is learning to keep her weight in her heel and deal with crisis like a real horsewoman; not just by falling off and getting back on (the hardest challenge of all), but avoiding the falls in the first place. She’s a good little rider and a great kid to have around the farm. We’re so happy to introduce the world to our rider of the week, Gemma! 

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